You stay dry and baby is comfy and dry too
Gaby Logan, TV sports presenter

Behind the scenes of the launch of the new Cuddledry colour change bathmat…

When a well-known brand like Cuddledry launches a new product, you could be forgiven for thinking that behind the scenes is a team of professional agencies, stylists and models, all coming together to seamlessly create a range of marketing and promotional materials.

Hmmm… well…

You’re half right maybe.

Of course we are all terribly efficient and professional here at Cuddledry – obviously – but as small, independent business, there is a definite shortage of glitz and glamour behind the scenes. We are always balancing work with family commitments, and rely heavily on the support of accommodating friends and our own children when it comes to modelling.

Take as an example the photoshoot for our new funky colour changing bathmat – the Cuddlemat. The Cuddlemat uses amazing technology to make it responsive to heat and we’ve been having great fun with ours – making footprints, flicking hot water from the shower, and even putting them on radiators to watch them change colour!

Cuddledry photo shoots are always completely insane, as inevitably kids never ever do what you want, and Sarah and Fifi – both age three, great friends, and rulers of their playgroup -  had a total riot on this one.

Fifi, in her infinite wisdom, insisted on wearing her towel inside out, and her swimsuit  hanging down to her knees for most of the shoot, and they also twigged that if you breathe on the mat you can make the colour change really fast, making it quite difficult to persuade them to make any handprints or footprints at all…

There was a lot of ‘But I want the purple mat!’ and ‘The green towel is mine!’ – behaviour that was addressed with a combination of wholesome and reliable parenting tools, namely sweets, begging and bribery. Matters were further complicated by the additional presence of eight-month-old Jasper, who seemed to have chosen that day to give his bowels a good clear out…

By the time we left, our poor photographer’s studio was smeared with food, littered with wipes and soaked in water. It probably wasn’t the glamorous supermodel type shoot he pictured himself doing when he started his photography career! Still, he certainly couldn’t say the day wasn’t ‘interesting’

Do have a look at our colour change bathmats – they are really cool – even if we do say so ourselves!

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    Wow these look fab! I’ve added them to my christmas present list, even though I am sort of 36….

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