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Pregnancy isn’t really one of the most stylish times in your life. It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re so big and sweaty and full of indigestion isn’t it?

Still, just because you might not be your usual svelte self, doesn’t mean you have to live for nine months in leggings and smocks. There are loads of fantastic maternity wear options nowadays, that mean you can stay looking blooming, even on a budget. One of our favourites is Everday Maternity, who have been kind enough today to provide us with some top maternity wear tips. Do check out their website!

Maternity bras – Make sure you choose a maternity bra that supports you well. The correct fit and fabric will improve your posture, comfort, and confidence. Comfort is always key so go for the softest fabrics. Look for a stretch and recover microfibre to ensure you have the best fit and choose styles with drop down cups so that you can use them for breastfeeding too.

Maternity tops – Don’t be afraid of fitted styles when you’re pregnant. Oversized garments make you look larger than you are and can leave you feeling more frumpy than fabulous. A viscose or a jersey material tends to be more flattering over the bump and gives a much smoother silhouette. Wearing your maternity tops and tunics with over-the-bump trousers or leggings will give you a slim line silhouette.

Maternity trousers – When choosing your maternity trousers, go for your normal size. Maternity wear is cut to include your bump. Make sure you sit down in them and check there’s no digging in or gaping and that there’s plenty of room in the front to grow. Check your waistband to make sure you’ve got maximum comfort. When you choose your waistband, there are lots of options depending on your preference including; under, mid or over-the-bump.

Maternity dresses – On choosing your maternity dresses, always consider you pre-pregnancy shape, and apply the same rules. For example, with maxi dresses, the length is really great for elongating your body, and an empire line is always very flattering, as it sits at your lowest point. Look for straps that are thick enough to cover your maternity bra or has a detail that will draw attention away from the strap.

Maternity work wear – When choosing your maternity shirt, consider the length of the shirt at the front and make sure it’s cut longer, this way it works perfectly with under or over the bump trousers. Choose styles that you will be comfortable in all day and make sure that they are easy to wash and easy to iron. Comfortable knitwear is also fantastic for work because again, knitted garments can be interchangeable between your day and your evening wear. Remember you’ll be wearing your work wear eight hours a day, so make sure you’re happy with your selection.

Do you have a favourite item of maternity wear, something that got you through nine months of feeling frumpy? We’d love to hear from you!

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Phew, it’s finally here, the last day of our advent competition! No more early starts for me for a week at least..

Seriously though, we’ve really loved being able to celebrate December with such lovely presents from so many brilliant companies, so we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have!

On this, our final day, we have another present for the mummies – an Emma Jane maternity and nursing bra from Everyday Maternity. This is one of their most popular bras, as you can wear it through pregnancy and when breastfeeding. It’s a multi-award winner, and apparently was selling like hot cakes at the last Baby Show!

We love Everyday Maternity. Having found it so hard to find stylish, affordable maternity wear when we were pregnant, we love that they have such a fantastic range, all in one place – clothes, underwear, swimwear – it’s all there! And just because you’re pregnant or a new mum, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style – Everyday Maternity won the Prima Pregnancy and Baby Fashion Awards this year!

If you want to get your hands on one of these super dooper versatile bras, leave a comment on this post telling us about the first thing you’ll be doing when you wake up on Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Lots of love from Jo, Helen, Polly and everyone at Cuddledry xx

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Today’s post is from Charlotte, Mum of 3 and Director of Not Just Another Baby

In the last few weeks of pregnancy most of us are so eager not to be pregnant anymore that we spend hours fantasising about our former body (or at least an idealised recollection) and how it will feel to have it back again.

Everyone generally has a post-pregnancy pair of jeans that they cannot wait to get back into. You look at them with longing (especially the bum) thinking how wonderful it will be when you shimmy yourself back into your old favourites.

You weren’t too indulgent during your pregnancy and everyone keeps telling you how amazing you look, besides it will be so liberating not to be carrying another human being around that it won’t take long to get your energy levels up and you will make the most of your maternity leave by exercising at least twice a week – it will take no time at all to get your body back, in fact it will be even better than before! Read the rest of this entry »

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Today we have the very lovely maternity wear experts Everyday Maternity on hand to offer advice to pregnant mums anxious about choosing swimwear. Don’t be scared, you can get your bump out in a bikini and still look fabulous!

Research has proved that one of the safest exercises for a pregnant woman is swimming. It exercises major muscle groups without overstretching delicate joints or tendons, as well as giving the heart a good workout and circulating oxygen and nutrients.

However, we’re aware that there is one thing that puts many pregnant women off swimming – swimwear! But we can help by providing tips and advice on choosing the right swimsuit for you and your shape. There are different styles available to suit different body shapes, that as well as maintaining the style factor offer comfort and flexibility (as we know that comfort and flexibility is key to choosing all maternity wear throughout pregnancy!)

Large on top
If pregnancy has increased your bust size, it’s important to choose a style that will provide support as well as flatter your bust line. Choose a suit with adjustable and wider straps that will provide structure.

Small on top
If it feels like your all bump, halter neck styles are the perfect way to enhance the bust line. Ruffles and different textures across the bust line draws focus to the cleavage, creating the illusion of curves and accentuating the area.

Large Hips
The best choice for pear-shaped women is a swimsuit rich with eye-grabbing detail. Halterneck swimsuit are a great choice as they widen the shoulders and draw attention away from the hips. Dress your bottom half in a darker high-cut style to slim the hips and thighs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today we are going all literary. Well, it’s a poem at least… Our very own Polly wrote this for her friend Vics when she was expecting her first baby – and she has kindly shared it here. We love it!

Words of Wisdom for Vics

You got through the sex part
(no drama for Vics)
All that counting your cycle
Peeing on sticks

Then comes the sickness
Each morning YOU HURL
And the aches and the pains
And exhaustion – you GIRL!

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Ben Wakeling is a writer, father of two, and author of a brilliant fathers’ guide to pregnancy – ‘Goodbye Pert Breasts’. He is a young dad at 26 years of age, but insists he is sticking to the ‘life begins at 40’ rule.

Ben decided to write his book when his wife fell pregnant with their second son. Whilst being dragged around loads of maternity shops, he noticed that all of the books to do with pregnancy were aimed at the mum.

The aim of ‘Goodbye, Pert Breasts’ is to give dads practical advice on becoming involved during pregnancy in an entertaining way, as well as vividly describing Ben’s own experiences of mucous, morning sickness and hormones during these all-important nine months.

Today Ben offers us a glimpse into the mind of an expectant father…

There’s no doubt that pregnancy is a big deal – but some may not realise just how much of an impact it has on the dad’s life, as well as the mum’s. Sure, mums worry about how much labour is going to hurt, or the weight they’re going to put on when they’re ‘eating for two’; but dads worry about things as well – and so, without further ado, I give you:

The Top Five Things Dads Worry About During Pregnancy

In no particular order…

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Tracey-Jane Hughes is a bra fitting specialist for maternity and nursing bras. Here she offers advice for breastfeeding mums…

Bras! Where do you start? Some women when they get pregnant ignore the changes in their breasts and just carry on as usual and then finally when it all gets too uncomfortable buy new bras. But at that stage they then realise that they could have been comfy all along!

So, we suggest that you get new bras when you start to feel that the ones you’ve got don’t fit any more. Makes sense really doesn’t it? That’s what we do with our other clothing (unless we’re in denial about dress sizes!), so why not our bras?

Our breasts start to get ready for breastfeeding baby (even if you don’t plan to breastfeed, your breasts don’t know that!), when you first conceive. So we usually expect women to need a new bra during the first trimester. We suggest a simple soft bra, usually a bustier type bra, is a good buy at this stage. Women often get tender and sore breasts in the first 12-16 weeks, so a soft bra that you can sleep in is a good investment.

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Six months pregnant with twins, my son was coming up to a year old and on the cusp of walking unaided.  Confident standing on his two chubby legs, he still needed a comfort steer before he would put one foot in front of the other.  We were at a first birthday party for a baby chum of his, and I was standing in the kitchen, struggling just to stay upright.  My bump was enormous; turn me sideways and I was a dead ringer for Mr Greedy.  None of my maternity clothes fitted beyond five months, and I had resorted to wearing a terrifying pair of charity shop trousers with an elasticated waist-band, which camped precariously on my stretch marks.

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Today’s post comes from Caroline at Patchwork Bird – we all know about the horror of stretchmarks during pregnancy, and the lengths we’ll go to avoid them, but how about getting stretch marks AFTER you’ve given birth? Intrigued? So were we…

If there’s one thing that all pregnant women can reach a consensus on, it’s how to avoid stretch-marks. I myself spent hundreds on fancy creams and oils, each claiming that they would save my skin from the dreaded stretchmarks, and if I read about a particular product that had a celebrity endorsement, then it was quickly added to my ‘must have’ list.

I started my oiling ritual from day one, literally from the day I found out that I was pregnant. I was conscientious; doing it both morning and night, never ever missing a day no matter how late I was running for work or how tired I was in the evening. Oh yes I was diligent in my application. So imagine how proud I was to get to 42 weeks pregnant, the skin on my over-due belly stretched beyond all recognition but not a single stretch-mark in sight! I had put the work in and now I was reaping the rewards.

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Have you ever been to one of the Baby Show’s before? If not, then you’re in for a treat…

It’s new-parent heaven – wall to wall gadgets and gizmos for your new baby, all the latest must-have products and of course plenty of fab freebies! As well as making the most of the exclusive show shopping discounts, you can also get expert advice and top parenting tips  – at the Birmingham show you can enjoy talks from Prima Baby’s sleep expert Jo Tantum, baby nutrition guru Annabel Karmel and breastfeeding expert Clare Byam-Cook.

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