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Creating your dream nursery

Nurseries are incredibly exciting rooms for expectant and new mothers, they’re the perfect opportunity to utilise maternity leave to get creative and design the most cute, unique and special room for your new bundle of joy. Personalised nurseries and bedrooms, crafted by your very own hands are even more special because they’re made with love and compassion rather than just copying a magazine trend. If you’re itching to create the most gorgeous environment to hear your baby’s first words then here are a few ideas on how to personalise the nursery for the most special person in the world.

Your nursery should ultimately be full of character and charm. It is the perfect blank canvas to display individuality and even record your baby’s development through creative interior design. Even if you’ve decided to keep the sex of your baby a surprise, you can still get creative with a needle and thread to welcome them home to a cosy and incredibly special nursery built just for them.

Creating Unique Art Work
Canvases of the handprints of your new baby would make a cute, personal and fun piece of artwork. Don’t be afraid to use bold vibrant colours, you want the nursery to be as fun as possible. If you have any more children, you could have a handprint canvas done for them too as well as mummy handprints and big daddy ones too!

You could also create a feature wall of ‘family stuff’. Display height charts so that you can look back in five years’ time and see how much your baby has grown! Yearly family portraits are also a fantastic idea for your family wall as you can see how everyone grows up. As the years pass by you can add things to your wall such as a photograph of your child’s first day at school. It may seem a while off right now but they grow up so fast!

Personalising Plain Furniture
Another idea that can instantly transform an otherwise generic room is to paint furniture such as book shelves, drawers or toy cupboards with stencils of your child’s name or simple illustrations that mean something to you. This can be a favourite book character, the birthdate of your baby or even something totally unique that only you and your family will understand.
The same idea can be used when designing cushions or pillows by sewing the same intricate details onto the surface of the fabric. A blanket with your baby’s birthdate sewn in is a gorgeous and thoughtful addition to a cot but can also be a sentimental keepsake for them to grow up with.

Displaying Gifts
Make use of the gifts you receive from your baby shower rather than thinking of them as clutter that has to be stored away, display the gifts you receive! Soft toys are great for welcoming your baby home and helping them to settle in, they won’t want to come to a cold room lacking in personality! Display your balloons in there, cover the room with soft toys and allow yourselves to celebrate and not worry about mess; you’ve definitely deserved it!

Making it Cosy
Rugs are ideal for baby’s bedrooms and nurseries as they make the floor a lot more comfortable for them; something which they’ll appreciate during the crawling phase! If you’re not feeling ambitious enough to create this yourself then many rugs specialists offer custom design services so you can still create a unique pattern and design without doing any of the handiwork!

Mobiles are a must-have for over your baby’s cot, but don’t buy one from a shop when you can create a gorgeous one yourself. If you spend time crafting animal shapes and adding personal charms such as gifts and special jewellery you can create an entirely unique mobile that has sentimental value as well as the ability to get your baby safely to sleep!

If you can get handy with a knitting needle, you can really personalise your baby’s nursery and make them some fantastic accessories which they can cherish forever and even hand down for generations to come. It’s lovely to be able to give your children accessories and have a nursery that’s completely unique to them; after all they’re so special they deserve it!

This article was written by Steph, who usually blogs over at bathroom website Bathshop321 but decided to write this post to curb her broodiness!

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