You stay dry and baby is comfy and dry too
Gaby Logan, TV sports presenter


Irresponsibility is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting to keep their sanity,and their sense of humour, during these years of having a young family, school runs and after school activities/taxi service, businesses to run, meetings to attend, houses to clean, dinners to cook and chores to complete.

For years beforehand we were told to “grow up”, “behave” and “you must learn to be responsible”. But it’s all a bit of a stressful, boring weight to carry around all the time, and all work and no play makes mummy a dull girl.

So I say that a weekend away from all those responsibilities is essential for any upstanding mummy. I have just reached the almighty milestone that is 40 years old. And I’m happy with that. No issues there whatsoever. BUT, to celebrate, my husband (and the husband of a dear friend who also shared the same celebration – and obviously the same friends!!!) organised for our very best friends (26 of us) to join us for a weekend away staying at a fabulous house. There was only one stipulation – NO CHILDREN.

Now I realise that it’s not easy for anyone to escape for an evening away, let alone a whole weekend, but the effort that is required to organise such childcare is a snip in comparison to the rewards your soul will reap, and ultimately your children will benefit from a happy parent, and anyone else too who comes into contact with you. Right now, I am on top of the world – I don’t think I’ll come down for another week at least. I can’t stop laughing. Outloud. To myself. I know I’m a nicer person than the grumpy stressed person I was before taking time out to be me again.

We paid for our childcare, but even the additional financial dent would not put me off doing it again, and again and again. So if you’ve got a mum, dad, aunt, neighbour, friend - anyone you trust – to help out and allow you to take some time for yourself, you will discover that underneath the outer responsible “mummy” layer, there lurks someone 20 years younger, someone who still thinks they can sing in tune down a hairbrush with great gusto, someone who can still breakdance (well – still trying to breakdance), and someone who has NO RESPONSIBILITY, and does not care whether it’s midnight, 3am or even 5am, because who needs to get up? Apart from to fix you and your hubby a life-giving cup of tea and bacon sandwich at 11.30am (nah – they still don’t get up before you).

The last weekend has given me a rush of youth, energy, joie de vie, call it what you will, and I know I’m a better person for my children to be around, my husband and people I see on a daily basis. I’m happy to play jigsaw puzzles when there is a mountiain of laundry to do, happy to cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie when there is a pile of plates to wash, and happy to walk the dog when there are 60 emails waiting my attention at work , and THAT should be how life is more of the time. Next time I won’t leave it nine months before allowing myself a night out and a lie in.

So what are you doing next weekend?

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    This is a wonderful blog post. I’m really terrible at not being able to relax when I know there’s things around the house that need doing. With my first baby on the way (7 months to go!), I worry that my organisational personality will just make myself go mad! I can’t leave washing up on the side while watching tv, i never have been able to. Where I work, ironically at a baby shop, I see new mums all the time, some are single, and I wonder how they can possibly cram everything in and keep their lives running smoothly. I definitely need to learn to relax! Good luck with everything, I’m glad you’ve found a way out of being hopelessly busy.

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