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Laboraide – new natural pain relief for labour

Launched at the Baby Show in Birmingham, Laboraide is a new and highly innovative product developed to help reduce both the pain and duration of labour.

Midwives teach that during childbirth the relaxation of the mouth and jaw is directly linked with the ability of the cervix and vagina to open. Laboraide acts like a gentle cushion between your teeth enabling the jaw to rest in a relaxed position, also keeping the airways open allowing you to breathe easily and get plenty of oxygen to the muscles you need for giving birth.

Using Laboraide during the second stage of labour is a natural way to help reduce the pain and you can still use additional pain relief methods such as gas and air, a TENS machine, a birthing pool or have an epidural.

It is not uncommon for women to damage their teeth during labour (usually on their gas and air nozzle) as the desire to bite down on something can be so strong. Biting down on Laboraide can help eliminate this damage.

Laboraide has been designed keeping in mind you and your needs during birth. Made from a soft, durable cushioned material you will hardly know you are wearing it. Lightweight and discreet and available in a range of gentle pastel colours, it is the perfect device to help reduce the pain and time of labour.

How does it Work?

Trials have shown that using a dental support device such as Laboraide can reduce the length of the second stage of labour by as much as 40%

Since the early 1980s, clinical studies have been carried out exploring the relationship between the use of DSDs (Dental Support Devices) and muscular strength/power. Many studies have shown dramatic improvements in an athlete’s performance – so much so that DSDs are now widely used during training and competition.

In 2009 a very significant study was carried out at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Maryland USA, which demonstrated some major findings:

• Average duration of the second stage of labour for women wearing a dental support device (DSD) was 40% shorter than in the non DSD group.

• Using a DSD may decrease the number of failures to descend (baby entering birth canal after woman is fully dilated) requiring operative intervention.

More information about the science behind Laboraide can be found at

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