You stay dry and baby is comfy and dry too
Gaby Logan, TV sports presenter


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Finding cheap maternity clothes and still looking stylish on a budget is tricky. You want to look good and feel comfortable, but you also want to have enough cash to buy the best for your baby, especially at the moment when times are tough.

Today then we’ve got a few top tips for you to create a not-too-hideous maternity wardrobe on a budget.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask friends for hand-me-downs. Most mums will have a few bits lying around, the odd bag in the attic, and will be more than happy to pass them on.
  • Adapt your existing wardrobe – there are plenty of items around at the moment, like tunic style tops, that you’ll be able to wear quite a way into your pregnancy, and then afterwards too. Just because it doesn’t say ‘maternity’ in the label, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it.
  • Make your trousers go further, quite literally! Belly bands or bump bands help you adapt the clothes you’ve got already, covering up the ever growing expanse of tummy, and meaning you don’t have to spend so much on maternity wear.
  • Club together. One of the most expensive things is buying for special occasions, as maternity dresses for things like Christmas dinners can seem like a lot of money for something that you might only wear once or twice. Clubbing together with other pregnant friends means you can invest in something really nice, and spread the cost.

Do you have any great advice for fashion conscious mummies-to-be? We’d love to hear your top tips!

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