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Personally, I loved breastfeeding. Every time I ate one too many chocolate hob nobs I’d just sneak in an extra feed to balance it out – that’s the gist of demand feeding right?

Our guest post today is from Naomi MacKay. Naomi is a freelance writer and editor, blogging at Impractical Parenting, who understands only too well the breastfeeding and cake equation…

One of the benefits of breastfeeding (so they say) is that you burn an extra 500 calories a day, which can help to get rid of your baby weight (or give you an excuse for constantly stuffing your face – the choice is yours).

What nobody warned me about was the fact that 500 calories would be put straight back on by my increased cake consumption. While I was pregnant, my dependence on sugary baked goods had upped slightly. After all, when you can’t reward yourself after a hard day’s work with a chilled glass of Pinot, you’ve got to have something to look forward to haven’t you?

I’m not one for sitting at home (as my long-suffering husband will testify – he’s just waiting for a court date), so while several friends told me they never had a problem finding somewhere to breastfeed because they were always at home, I had a different conundrum.

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