You stay dry and baby is comfy and dry too
Gaby Logan, TV sports presenter


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Today’s post is from Charlotte, Mum of 3 and Director of Not Just Another Baby

In the last few weeks of pregnancy most of us are so eager not to be pregnant anymore that we spend hours fantasising about our former body (or at least an idealised recollection) and how it will feel to have it back again.

Everyone generally has a post-pregnancy pair of jeans that they cannot wait to get back into. You look at them with longing (especially the bum) thinking how wonderful it will be when you shimmy yourself back into your old favourites.

You weren’t too indulgent during your pregnancy and everyone keeps telling you how amazing you look, besides it will be so liberating not to be carrying another human being around that it won’t take long to get your energy levels up and you will make the most of your maternity leave by exercising at least twice a week – it will take no time at all to get your body back, in fact it will be even better than before! Read the rest of this entry »

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