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Gaby Logan, TV sports presenter

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Tired, stressed and desperately in need of a holiday? Today on the blog, Wendy Shand, mum of 3 , family travel expert and founder of Tots to Travel explains why taking your baby away on holiday has never been easier.  Here are her 7 ‘best ofs’ to get you closer to a relaxing break with your family.

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Today on the blog, Helen reveals just how much harm the sun can do your baby’s delicate skin, the best ways to protect children from sun damage, and why sun safety is a subject close to her heart…

My gorgeous baby boy is now 12 weeks old and his skin is the purest, softest, most precious thing.  The purity and tenderness of baby and toddler skin is quite unbelievable.  I just can’t stop touching his soft, soft little arms to my face just to feel it, and to breathe in its indescribably magical scent.  It is so beautiful.  So white, so untouched, so perfect.

I am absolutely terrified of the sun harming it.  The thought of that amazing dewy white skin being touched by UV rays and turning pink is just awful.  And with the sun suddenly shining on us it is my job as his mummy to protect it.  Such a massive responsibility – OMG!

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