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Win £50 to spend on clothes at Argos

As parents ourselves, we know that new babies are a massive drain on finances and your stamina.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the tiredness, but we do have a competition today that will help out on the money side, (meaning you’ll have some spare cash to buy yourself a Cuddledry…)

We’ve always been big Argos fans – they’re so handy aren’t they? – but now Argos do a great range of boys clothing and girls clothing too, so there’s barely any need to go anywhere else at all! They’ve got all sorts, from party frocks to everyday essentials, and our favourite is the gorgeous range designed by Emma Bunton:

There are up to three different ways to be in with a chance to win, and each will earn you one entry:

  • Sign up to our newsletter – we promise they aren’t too dull
  • Like us on facebook – we’ve got a great photo competition coming soon, so this one is well worth it
  • Leave a comment on this post, telling us why you deserve to win!

The competition closes at the end of March, after which a winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

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  1. Becca’s avatar

    my princess could do with winning some clothes after we just had to chuck most of hers out due to be to small n covered in stains can’t believe how big my baby girl getting x

  2. Rachel Samuel’s avatar

    Wow I’d love to be lucky enough to win this. With mothers day approaching I’d love to treat my daughters, as i am so lucky to be their mum x

  3. Tori Giblin’s avatar

    I deserve to win because I want my two girls to be able to look amazing in those gorgeous outfits!!!

  4. adele baxter’s avatar

    hi im already signed up to your news letter and like your fb page :-)
    Id like to win please as im going back to work in just over a week :-( and sending my little girl to nursery and most of my wage will be going on nursery fees.

  5. Jenny Leonard’s avatar

    We deserve to win because we live in Greater Manchester where it rains all the time, and foolishly I forgot this and also fed my children, and we had some sunshine last week (before the blizzrds on Sunday) and so now they are all a bit bigger than they used to be! :D

  6. kimberley day’s avatar

    iam already on your facebook page and get your news letter as i love your towls and so do my sons, it would be nice to win something for onec but good luck too all that enter xxxxx

  7. Tracy pritchard’s avatar

    I already follow u on Facebook and receive your newsletters. I would love to win just to b able to treat my girls to a new summer dress. Perfect for little ones christening. Good luck everyone x x

  8. nicci cowdell-murray’s avatar

    already signed up to the news letter and a liker on facebook :) )
    I dont deserve to win more than anyone else , but would like to win as i have a little one on the way (due sep) and two older monkeys 11 ans 12 ! it would be nice to be able to splash out on some baby clothes without feeling guilty spending money i dont really have hahah x

    good luck everyone x

  9. Lesley Ramage’s avatar

    Hey, ive signed up 2 ur newsletters and liked on fb months ago. I think that I should win because I have twins boy and girl at 14months. They grow so fast and feel im always buyin. This would b a great help and the emma bunton range in argos is fab! xx:-)xx

  10. laura tartaglia’s avatar

    i follow you on facebook and have just signed up to your newsletter (great idea!).i have two children in a very small two bed house,if i won your comp then i could get my children some more clothes and use the money i wo uldv brought they clothes with to take my children out and do fun things-my son has behaviour problems so anythin that can wear him out is great!!x

  11. Pauline’s avatar

    love to win this prize and get some great clothes for my children from argos as been looking on the site and love the clothes think argos is a great site for kids clothes

  12. Sarah Hairsine’s avatar

    I reeeaaaally need some maternity clothes!! I have worked the leggings look to death! x

  13. Olma’s avatar

    I would love to win as due my second son in may who will live in his big brothers hand me downs for most of his life so would be nice to buy him some new outfits to start off with. Lol. And a big bro outfit for my first lil prince!!

  14. Sam elsey’s avatar

    Would love to win this marvellous price to be able to buy my new baby boy some clothes for this summer
    From this great offer
    My baby is 5 and a bit months and has been in age 6 -9 months
    Clothes from around four half months old bit baggy but have skipped size 3-6 months as used what we had of 3-6 and gone straight to next size
    So this would help wonderfully
    Thank you cuddledry fur your excellent offers comps and fav items on website :) weare loving them

  15. Lynsey Buchanan’s avatar

    It would be a wonderful treat to be able to buy my daughter some new summer clothes.

  16. angela’s avatar

    i would love to win as after an 8 year gap i had a surprise after being very ill with an over active thyroid a little girl who is 5 weeks old but would like the opportunity to spoil my older children who have gone with out alot for there little sister and with the jubilee coming up and lots of dressing up to had it would be amazing for them to have something new and special

  17. Gemma D’s avatar

    Would love to win this for my little man – he is 13 months old and we are taking him to visit his family abroad for the first time next month. Would love to pack him some new clothes in his little trunki :-)

  18. Lynsey Bowes’s avatar

    Since my little ones been born 11 weeks ago we’ve basically been house bound due to numerous health issuses with both of us so all the lovely little clothes i bought ready for when he was born he hasnt got to wear and now they wayyy to small so it will be lovely to be able to buy him some new little outfits when we are both healthy enough to go out again :-)

  19. husnara’s avatar

    I am a huge fan of cuddle dry, the cuddlemo toddler towel is best thing iv bought. I would love to win, my daughters my whole world and with all my household bills and expenses it would be nice to buy her a lovely new summer time outfit.

  20. Madelaine Eggleton’s avatar

    I need to win this competition cos my little girl is 9 months old and growing out of her clothes as fast as I buy them!I love the disney princess range that argos sell and my little girl is very much a princess.

  21. Louise Warren’s avatar

    Hi there, we could do with a chance to win these clothes as My little Henry has put all his knees out in his trousers from so much crawling about.. so he now looks like a member of a (babies version) of an 80’s boyband ;-)

  22. Hannah Irish’s avatar

    I would love to win this as a present for my little boy who is 1 in 2 weeks time :)

  23. Sarah Bull’s avatar

    I would loveto win as with 2 children under 3, I tend to uses lot of second hand clothes- would Venice for them to havenewclothes once in a while!!

  24. Victoria Watson’s avatar

    I’d love to buy my wee man some new clothes. He’s currently wearing hand me downs from his female cousin Lilly! Winning the vouchers would put an end to his humiliation and misery!

  25. Louise’s avatar

    This would really help me out due to having 2 girls aged 2 and 4 and 29 weeks pregnant with a boy.

  26. Aimee Boland’s avatar

    Don’t know if I deserve to win, but would looooooove to be able to treat my three little monsters to something nice :-) HAPPY FRIDAY CUDDLEDRY x

  27. June Etherington’s avatar

    With 16 grandchildren & 6 great grandchildren many of them babies to toddlers this prize would be lovely as I normally buy clothes for the younger ones for birthdays & Christmas. Goodl luck to everyone & Thank you Cuddledry

  28. Catherine McAlinden’s avatar

    I am already signed up to your facebook page and newsletter :) My 1 year old boy grows so fast, I can’t keep up with his need for new clothes. I think he must sleep in manure! Would love to treat him to lots of summer clothes x

  29. katie walters’s avatar

    im already a fan of your fb page and have signed up to your newsletter
    Id love to win, so I could treat my boy to some new clothes, which I would put away for his birthday. my little boy makes me smile everyday and id love to make him smile by being able to get him some nice new clothes

  30. Danielle Baker’s avatar

    Hiya ,
    This is a lovely competition!
    I have been admiring the new clothing ranges in the latest Argos catalogue and there are so many lovely items to choose from for both of my beautiful girls!
    I’d love to win because I have two little girls ; Keira (5) and Rosie-Faith (24wks) ,who are currently both growing right in front of my eyes!
    I expect that from the baby , but am so surprised at the rate at which my 5yo has shot up , she literally woke up one morning and all her trousers were ankle-swingers!!
    If I would love to treat Keira to some new clothes as she is at the age where she is beginning to really appreciate pretty things and there is such a great variety in Argos.

    I ‘like’ you on Facebook and am signed up to your newsletter :-)

  31. Frankie’s avatar

    I already follow you on FB and twitter, but it would be great to win something as I never win anything! But I do have my gorgeous little girl so ultimately I am a winner anyway as I’m the most blessed mummy ever.
    Winning this though would be great as my little girl is growing so quickly that we just buy cheap basics from the supermarket and I realised last month she has no “special” outfit to wear for her grandma’s birthday. Unfortunately, money’s a little tight as I can’t go back to my old job after maternity leave ends as childcare costs + petrol will leave me more than out of pocket!!

  32. Jen Dixon’s avatar

    What a lovely competition! I have to admit until now I was unaware argos had started selling childrens clothes but I’ve just hhad a look and they have some lovely stuff! We managed to scrape the pennies together and booked a few days in pontins in Wales at Easter so it would be lovely to win this voucher to buy my son and daughter a new outfit each for their holidays! :0)

    I follow you on fb and have signed up to your newsletter! :0)

  33. Kelly’s avatar

    I have signed up to your newsletter and already liked your Facebook!

    I deserve to win, well my kids do as it is their birthdays this month (within three days of each other they turn 2 and 4). It would be great to treat them to some lovely new clothes as they enter their new ages! As a full time working mum of two – this would be awesome to be able to give them!

  34. Emma in Bromley’s avatar

    Hello :)

    I’ve got an 8month and an almost 3 year old and they need clothing! Poor little things haven’t had any new clothes for a whole and it’s not their birthday’s until June!
    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

  35. Ammena’s avatar

    :D Hello…. Im trying to stock up for an arrival :) I didnt know argos did clothes… Im off to check out their prices now so even if I dont win, thank you for pointing me in this direct :) Ill be sure to thank Argos too :D

  36. Emily McMillan’s avatar

    ps already like on facebook and have subscribed by email x

  37. Sion Williams’s avatar

    Hi, I didn’t know that Argos sold clothes! would love to win to treat my boys to nice things, since my wife has gone back to work after Maternity leave we seem to spend all our money on nursery fees!Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Claire Louise’s avatar

    I just think it would be lovely for my little girl to have such a lovely treat, things haven’t been all that great for her at present and I’m sure it will make her smile. Thanks You
    Ps I am now receiving your news letter and already like your FB page as Claire Sarcone.

  39. simone lee’s avatar


  40. Flora Lamanna-Gibbons’s avatar

    My daughter could do with some new clothes as her nursery is ruining them all by not allowing her to wear a bib during mealtimes (she’s 18mths old and they serve curry!) :( I keep having to throw things out and it is getting really expensive

  41. Danka Bakic’s avatar

    Would be nice to win and but my little one the nice clothes from Argos :)

  42. Pauline kwist’s avatar

    My beautiful granddaughter who seems to grow an inch every day.

  43. Rachael towersey’s avatar

    would loveto win these vouchers, as times are hard for everyone and I’d love to be able to buy my son some new clothes without worrying about how much money i have to spend. Haven’y bought him anything since christmas x plus the argos clothes are really nice. x

  44. Sophie Wytchard’s avatar

    I would be most grateful to win this generous gift. Most of my daughters clothes have come from ebay and it would amazing to put her in something pretty and new in time for the warm summer days we’ll hopefully be getting! xx

  45. Laura Kwist’s avatar

    Would love to win, have had a run of bad luck lately. and my just turned 3 yr old has been the shining light that has seen me through. She is a truly wonderful little girl who deserves a special treat like this. Plus the fact that she is clearly going to be extremely tall, and is growing so tall every day – this would help me too !! Thank you

  46. Natalie Plant’s avatar

    Already get the newsletter and on FB! Would love to win as my boy seems to grow out of clothes so quickly!

  47. Emily Claridge’s avatar

    Im sure when im not looking my kids sleep in compost bags and wash in miracle gro…..they are constantly growing out of their clothes! A lovely treat from argos would make my little growing flowers smile without breaking the bank! (off to remove said “flowers” from garden before their roots take hold!)

  48. Laura Martin’s avatar

    With 9 grandchildren between partner and I every little helps towards providing extras for them. Wasn’t aware till now Argos was doing children’s clothing but off to have a look.

  49. Deb Taylor’s avatar

    Spring is in the air
    But the kids have nothing to wear
    3 girls needing a frock in a different size
    What joy if we won this fabulous prize!

  50. Alison Dearlove’s avatar

    My Gorgeous Girl, deserves Gorgeous clothes!
    And this lovely voucher would help make her even more gorgeous!

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