How to bath your baby easily with Cuddledry

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Bath time is such fun even from an early age. You will have many hours of pleasure playing and interacting with your baby allowing water confidence to develop. Here is The Baby Gurus step-by-step guide to mastering and enjoying baby bath time.

What you need to know

You don’t have to bath your baby everyday but we believe it can be part of a very successful routine to encourage a calm and contented baby.

What you need

It’s so much easier having everything to hand for bathing, in fact this is vital as you can never leave your baby alone. Heres the kits you need

  • Plain water only for the first month (organic baby bath can be used as your baby grows
  • Clean Cuddledry apron towel
  • Soft washmitt (e.g. Cuddlemitt)
  • Clean nappy
  • Clean clothes
enjoying your baby after the bath

How to do it (without stress)

  • Undress baby down to his or her vest.
  • Now check the water is warm with elbow or wrist (or use a bath thermometer).
  • Wash face gently with soft mitt (clean bath water is fine).
  • Remove vest, nappy and clean bottom as you normally do at nappy change time.
  • You are now ready to lift your baby – support shoulders and neck on forearm and hook your hand around far shoulder placing middle finger under arm. Cradle bottom with other hand. You should have a stable hold of your baby at this point.
  • Place baby in bath then smile, chat, sing........enjoy this time as it so special!
  • Keep baby in semi-upright position and splash gently with water.
  • Lift baby from bath (increasing time as your baby grows but never too long as baby can get cold)
  • Wrap
  • Put on clean nappy, fresh clothes and have a cuddle. Smell your baby – it’s amazing.
baby bath ducks

Ideas for bathing

Bathing can be dad’s responsibility. Often working dads can be home late but just catch bath time. We recommend that dad takes control ensuring he has the tools and skills for the job. This special time can be very rewarding and build great confidence in dads bathing abilities!

  • Have spare bath stock and replenish regularly.
  • Keep your Cuddledry towel handy – placing it on a warm radiator just before bath time is lovely, or you can just use your body heat to make the apron towel warm for your baby..
  • Be safe – ensure you have a firm hold of your baby and never ever leave your baby or child alone in the water.
  • If you have other children get them in too. Get them involved with washing and playing. Alternatively you can have a bath with your baby as long as the water is not too hot. There should always be another adult available to help.
  • Our guide is based on the needs of the novice bather however you won’t need this for long, as you will gain your own ways of doing it. So pass this onto a friend.

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