tips from Rachel Waddilove

Rachel Waddilove baby and childcare author and expert

Tips for a happy bath time with your baby, from Rachel Waddilove, leading baby care writer and maternity nurse – who has worked with thousands of babies including the children of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

As a mother and grandmother with over forty years experience as a maternity nurse, child-care expert, parental adviser and author, Rachel is one of the country’s most sought after ‘gurus’ in the care and well-being of babies and young children.  Neither a die-hard disciplinarian or a zealous ‘liberal’, Rachel believes in love and care within a structured routine which suits the natural patterns of both the mother and the baby.

1.      Make sure baby is not overtired or very very hungry as he may enjoy his bath but go into complete meltdown when you take him out!


2.      Your baby will enjoy his bath if the water is nice and warm 36 to 38 degrees centigrade.  Remember the bath water cools down very quickly and a young baby will get cold quickly. So it is important to have the water nice and warm. If you are using a baby bath make sure you have it at least half full, so that he can have a good bath.


3.      Before you take her clothes off make sure you have cotton wool, shampoo, any toiletries you are using, her flannel, towel, nappy, and clothes you are going to dress her in.  It is so much easier if you have everything to hand before you start.


4.      I use a few drops of olive oil or baby oil in the bath for the first few weeks. This helps to remove any dry skin that baby may have had at birth, and helps keep his skin soft.


5.      I don’t use a bubble bath for the first few weeks, but wash carefully with water, especially where her nappy goes. I only use a nappy cream if baby is looking as if she is getting a sore bottom, or already has one.


6.      Use a good bathing apron as you will get very wet, as your baby gets older and starts splashing!  The Cuddledry towels are excellent as you can sit baby on your lap on the towel before his bath, and then wrap him up in it when you take him out. When you do this it will just unpop on your shoulders and you then have the whole towel to wrap him in.


7.      When your baby is very young try and bath him as quickly as possible as new babies get cold quickly. They don’t like having their clothes off and will have a good shout. When you get her out wrap her up and cuddle her into you as this will help her feel safe and secure.


8.      Always talk to your baby when you are bathing her even if she is very new. Tell her what you are doing. Babies love to be talked to, and sung to as well especially if they are a bit upset.

9.      Have little toys such as plastic ducks in the bath, for him to play with as he gets bigger. As he gets older he can have more toys, especially when you get him in the big bath.

10. Remember bath time should be fun and a time for lots of cuddles. It should be a time you all look forward to each day. Often if you have a tired and cranky, but not overtired baby, a bath will make him much happier and he will be ready for his feed and bed



Written by Rachel Waddilove.  See Rachel’s website for details of her books and work

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