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The Bath time ritual and a full night’s sleep

Tips from Wendy Dean author of the Baby Sleep System and founder of the internet site

Wendy has worked with thousands of parents who have struggled to get their baby into a healthy sleep pattern. 

A regular bathing ritual will help you prepare your baby for a quality night’s sleep.


Sleep cue

If you aim to bathe your baby at approximately the same time very night, it acts as a valuable “sleep cue” so that she knows that night time and therefore sleep time is approaching.

Preparing the body for sleep

The act of bathing itself is a relaxing experience which prepares the body for sleep. Ensure that the water is a pleasant temperature by using your elbow or a thermometer to test. Use a soft material to do the washing. Let your baby float in the water being careful to fully support his head and back.

Increasing trust

The post bath snuggle in a Cuddledry product builds a bond of trust between parent and baby which makes it easier for the baby to cope when he is put into his cot alone. Talk to your baby in a soothing voice.


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Breaking the connection between feeding and sleeping

The bath if used as part of a bedtime routine can help to break the connection between feeding and sleeping which is at the root of many baby sleep problems. The bath should have pepped him up enough to take his feed without falling asleep.


By including a bath in a regular bedtime ritual your baby will be relaxed and happy to go into his bed at night and will settle himself off to sleep. This in itself will help to reduce night time wakings.

See Wendy’s website for details of The Baby Sleep System and online sleep support forum.

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