Why baby swimming?

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about and are thinking you'd rather stay at home in the dry with a nice cup of tea, here are some facts that should get you down to the pool in a shot: 

It’s a very sociable activity and a great way of making new friends. Jess Thompson from Water Babies says that clients see it as one of the primary reasons for coming. “We know just how important it is for new mums to get out of the house and meet others. So we’ll do things to actively encourage the social aspect of lessons, like ask whether they’d like us to distribute phone numbers so everyone can easily contact each other outside of class.” (For more information on Water Babies classes, available across the UK, look at Water Babies)

It’s a really exciting activity to do together: ‘sky diving for babies’ is how one parent described it!


Finley David Muir photographed by Jez Dixon for Water Babies

It’s fantastic for dads as well as mums (especially in the early months when they can sometimes feel slightly less involved). “The experience was second only to that of seeing my daughter being born,” is how one father describes it.

As a parent’s confidence with their baby in the water increases (partly through seeing all the remarkable things their tiny child can do) this often then transfers onto land.Right from the start you’re teaching your child the foundations of a core, potentially lifesaving skill.

Although a very supportive medium, water is much denser than air, so muscles have to work considerably harder when moving against it .

It’s a fantastic activity for parents who are scared of water. They don’t need to be able to swim to take their baby to a class – but often then learn themselves as a result.

Being in the intimate environment of warm water enhances what is already a truly special time for new parents, providing many precious memories.

Swimming gives you a break from the normal routine and is also fantastic exercise.


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It’s the perfect activity to do from birth that doesn’t require the baby to have any additional skills to the ones they’ve already honed in the womb.

Everyone needs regular exercise, even babies, and swimming provides the perfect opportunity; the supportive medium of water enables them to do many, many more things than they can on land.

Parents love doing it because their babies so obviously adore it.

The first three months of your baby’s life are amongst the most precious for both of you. The intimacy of swimming together perfectly compliments this very special period.

It works! Within the UK, many thousands of  two and three year olds now happily swim above and below the water’s surface, having gained a confidence and enjoyment of water that will remain with them for life.

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