Buying baby gifts


There is an increasing trend in the UK for expectant mummies to be thrown a baby shower.

A baby shower can be a lovely way to celebrate the imminent new arrival, but it can be hard to know what makes an appropriate baby gift. You may of course be lucky enough to attend a party where the host has already drawn up a gift list. Lots of baby companies now offer this service, and it works in much the same way as a wedding list, so you can choose a baby gift that you know the host will like.

If there isn't a list, here are some tips for choosing a gift that both mother and baby will love:

Obviously you want a unique baby gift - you don't want to end up giving the same as someone else - but at the same time you want something that is genuinely useful. It's no good to anyone having a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment that ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

One solution to this is to go for a personalised baby gift that doubles as an everyday product. For example, a hand embrodiered blanket of shawl. This can be tricky though of course if you don't yet know the baby's name! Instead, you could think about personalising it with a favourite colour, animal, or surname. Or even giving a voucher than can be used once the baby is born.

Alternatively, opt for a product that serves a purpose, but is at the luxury end of the market, and so is something that a parent might not otherwise buy for themselves. For example, rather than simply buying a hooded baby towel, buy one of our luxury bamboo baby apron towels! - it's something the baby will definitely use, but is really lovely quality too. We also stock gorgeous newborn gift sets, if you're looking for a baby gift that's a little bit special.

Finally, why not go for a design-led twist on a classic item? Perhaps a baby bath in a bold colour, or a really lovely selection of clothes in organic fabrics?

Whatever you decide, with so many new and exciting baby products on the market, you're sure to find something to fit the occasion!