Three Things You Can do Now to Prepare for Christmas

20 September 2018

Yes, we've started early. But, guess what? If you want to be able to put your feet up in December, then we suggest you do the same. Being a parent, organisation is often key to avoiding meltdowns and getting to the end of the day in one piece. So this week we deciced to let you in on our secrets, and we present: three things you can do NOW to prepare for Christmas...


Our first and most important tip, seeing as it ends at midnight on 29th October 2018- shop our early bird Christmas sale! It really makes sense to get ahead on your shopping while the funds are there, and if you're braving the high street the crowds should still be small. That said, there really is a lot to be said for online shopping from the comfort of the sofa!

This year, we recommend making a list of everyone you want to buy for and their ages. Then split your list into price range for each person and take it from there. We've got a fantastic range of smaller gifts for stocking fillers or nieces & nephews, bundles suitable for expectant mums or playful preschoolers, plus the new toddler and child range for grandchildren and siblings. Enter code FESTIVE20 for 20% off absolutely everything, and save money whilst getting ahead this year. 

Sort out where you'll be on the big day

Seriously, you do not want to leave this until the last minute. Where you spend Christmas day is often a source of stress for many families and its easy to see why. Christmas is a time for families to get together and enjoy each other's company- but sometimes, and especially when you have a new baby, it can be hard to divide your time fairly. Our advice? Thrash it out now, while things are still calm and 'Christmas fever' has yet to really take hold.

With this in mind though, its worth remembering that Christmas can be a stressful time for many families, and not just because we tend to force ourselves on each other more than usual. Its a good idea to think about your own small family unit first, and work your way out to other family members from there. If you know your little ones are happier at home with their own comforts then perhaps its a good idea for everyone else to have plenty of time to get used to that.

Plan out your budget now

The average family in the UK spends around £850 on Christmas, and for many that means keeping a tightly controlled budget to say the least. We'll have a post on that up on the blog soon, but for now preparation is key. Before you know what funds you need (and this is assuming you haven't been saving all year round- well done if you have!) you need to make lists. Hooray! You already have your shopping list (See our first tip) and so from there you should know roughly how much you're liekly to spend. If you know where you'll be for Christmas, that will help too. All thats left to do is to realistically plan out what you can put aside and when.

If you know that Christmas is going to leave you short this year, then making a budget week by week is a really good idea. Keep this separate to your Christmas budget and keep and eye out for deals and special offers too. If you haven't already, sign up to our VIP mailing list as we'll be launching some festive giveaways and offers soon, plus details of how to save overall on your Christmas gifts.  

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