Three Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas

17 October 2018

Baby's first Christmas is such a special time, and with less than ten weeks to go we've been thinking of gift ideas for some time now! As a new parent, time is of a premium- so we'd love to take some of the stress away from your Christmas shopping this year. Here are three gift ideas to make baby's first Christmas extra special. 

The gift of a stress-free bathtime

Happy baby bathtimes is our business, and we're on a mission to bring smiles to every bathroom in the country this Christmas. Bathing a newborn can be a terrifying prospect for new parents- they can be so slippery and wriggly, especially when wet! When Helen & Polly stood back and watched their partners struggling with normal baby towels spread out on the floor, or gripped awkwardly under their chins, they knew a handsfree option was essential for a stress-free bathtime. And voila! The original Cuddledry handsfree towel was born!

Since Cuddledry's creation twelve years ago, our bathtime range has expanded and we now have a beautiful selection to choose from: Grey Stars, Oatmeal, White with blue trim, White with pink trim and Pure white.

We also have a range of bespoke bundles to choose from: the Baby & Me Ultimate bundle contains the new Baby&Me washbag, 3 pack of bamboo washcloths, natural sea sponge and grey stars handsfree towel; the bathtime bundle contains the grey stars handsfree, white Cuddlemitt and Beige spot Cuddleduck; the bathtime extra contains a grey stars handsfree,  a beige spot Cuddleduck and a natural Sea Sponge.

Then we also have the Cuddle Bundles- each containing your choice of handsfree towel and a brand new Cuddle towel in Geometric Stone- the Cuddle is our new sister handsfree towel, with all the same features you know and love, in a more lightweight design perfect for travel. A gift for all babies- you're spoilt for choice! Don't forget to use code FESTIVE20 for 20% off until 29th October.

Personalised gifts

Whether you're buying for your own bundle of joy or not, there is something really rather special about personalised gifts. What better way to let the recipient know that you're thinking of them, and that you chose this gift especially for them? The perfect way to ensure your gift is treasured for years to come.

Personalised gifts are an amazing way to let someone know they're special, and if you agree then we'll let you into a secret: we have a very special collaboration coming up with an amazing brand that specialises in personalised gifts! Sign up to our VIP mailing list now and we'll send you more details very soon...

Something to keep

Lets face it, baby's first Christmas is more for us than them. Many babies will be far too young to remember or to really understand (we're all about baby's second Christmas, but that's another post!) so investing in something to keep makes a lot of sense. There is no need for an endless mountain of plastic toys to add to the cupboard full of discarded gifts each year. Choose a special book, or a charm bracelet you can add to each year with meaning. Give them something they can treasure for years instead of outgrow in months.

And take lots of photos! Your baby won't rememeber their first Christmas, but you will. 


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