FAQs about our products

What age babies and toddlers are your products designed for?

The Cuddledry hands free baby bath towel is designed for use with babies from birth, up to the age of about one year. This does depend slightly on how big your baby gets within that time, of course, as they vary dramatically! As they get bigger you can adapt how you hold your baby in the towel, starting by lifting your baby onto your chest to cuddle them dry when tiny, then as they get bigger and can sit unaided, lifting them onto your lap and wrapping the towel around them that way. 

Hands free towels are 75cm wide and 112cm long – and double layered throughout so they are super thick and fluffy to keep your baby snug and warm

The Cuddledry toddler hooded bath towels are designed for use from standing/walking age upwards.  We know that varies a lot from child to child though, so we would say they are suitable for toddlers from age 1 to 3. 

Toddler towels are 85cm high including hood, and 165cm wide – big and cuddly!

The Cuddledry children's 3-6 yrs hooded bath towels are for taller children from age 3.  They are longer towels and depending on the height of your child could last beyond age 6.  Great as swimming towels as well as for bathtime, made with supersoft microfiber and are for use with children aged 3-6 years.

Our children’s towels are 100cm high including hood, and 121cm wide – super snuggly!

The Cuddledry Cuddletwist hair towels  are ideal for children from around 18 months upwards, and mum or dad can borrow them too as they are one size fits all!  Cuddletwist hair towels are 65cm long – no more dripping hair.

Are your towels suitable for use with twins?

Absolutely! Cuddledry baby towels are very popular and we can offer you a discount if you have twins or multiples and are a TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Association) member (please email customercare@cuddledry.com and we will send you a promotional code). For many parents of twins bathtime is a real challenge, so using Cuddledry towels can make it much simpler. Our customers have told us they wear two Cuddledry towels, then lift and wrap the first twin, and lay them down snugly wrapped onto a changing mat, and then quickly lift and wrap the second. The Cuddledry concept makes the task of bathing twins a great deal simpler.

My voucher code doesn't appear to be working

Are you trying to use two voucher codes in one order? If yes – then we’re afraid that won’t work, we can only accept one code per order, sorry!  However we offer FREE UK standard delivery so if you place two orders you won’t get charged extra for shipping twice, enabling you to use both codes if you need to.

Have you checked that the voucher code you are using is still in date? Sometimes they do expire as all our promotions are only for short periods of time.

Still not working? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you ☺

How soon will my order arrive?

If ‘standard delivery’ is selected UK mainland orders will be sent by Royal Mail and delivery will be within 1-3 working days.

If ‘next day’ is selected you will need to place your order before midday, Monday to Friday.  Orders will be delivered the next working day, so not public holidays, sorry! Orders placed after midday on a Friday will be delivered on the following working day.

Where is my order?

Before you call or email us – please check that you received a confirmation email when you ordered.  If not it may be the order timed out or your browser closed too quickly, and your order didn’t successfully go through.  Don’t worry – check and see if your order confirmation is there, and then contact us by email or phone with your order number or other details and we will check for you.

Can I order by phone?

Yes of course – please just call us on 00 44 (0)1823 323363 where one of the team will be happy to help.

Can Cuddledry towels be personalised?

Yes we can arrange this for you, please email customercare@cuddledry.com for more details.

What organic certification does your cotton have?

In our organic cotton non-blended towels the cotton is organically grown under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified conditions.

Are your products sourced ethically?

We take ethical sourcing seriously and we work hard to ensure the suppliers we use for all aspects of our business follow fair and caring social and environmental policies. 

What is bamboo towelling?

Facts about bamboo, and hence why it is such a fantastic thing for babies!

  • it is HIGHLY eco-friendly - grows naturally without the need for chemical pesticides or fertilisers, 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative
  • it can grow up to a metre a day and can be harvested every three to four years
  • it is naturally antibacterial - containing an agent called 'bamboo kun' which prevents any bacteria from growing on it
  • it is naturally organic so does not irritate sensitive or allergic skin
  • bamboo holds the record as the world's fastest growing plant, growing one third faster than the fastest tree!!!
  • bamboo takes in nearly FIVE times the amount of greenhouse gases, and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees
  • it creates a fibre which is so soft it has been compared to silk or cashmere
  • the outer woody layers once stripped off are re-used for firewood or making recyled paper
  • it is arguably the world's most sustainable crop - if we support the use of bamboo for baby products and clothing we can help make a significant impact on carbon emissions
  • the species of bamboo used to make the fibre is not the one the pandas eat!

Where are your products made?

Our bamboo towelling products are made in China (where the bamboo grows!). Our organic cotton products are made in Turkey.  Our natural latex rubber ducks are made in Spain.  Our natural sponges are sourced ethically from the sparkling blue seas of the Philippines.