You stay dry and baby is comfy and dry too
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The Original Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel Organic Cotton

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  • Hands-free design - clever neckpiece means your hands are free for bathing, lifting and safe snuggling
  • Long and luxurious - cocoons and cuddles baby quickly dry, protects you from getting wet
  • Pure unbleached 100% organic cotton
  • Safe and secure - makes bathing a stress-free, natural, bonding time
  • Silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying
  • Unique double-layer system with hood - draws water away from baby's skin and hair


This supersoft baby bath towel is only available here and from John Lewis.  It’s made with the finest unbleached cotton, and edged with a stylish trim.

Our award-winning 'hands-free' design means you can use both hands to lift your special little person safely out of the water. Wrap them in the towel’s soft warm folds, slip the generous hood onto their head to enjoy the moment as you cuddle up close and stay nice and dry.

This towel is an exclusive member of the Cuddledry family. Why not make it part of yours – or of someone who deserves a stylish, thoughtful and unusual gift?

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