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hooded towels

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So sorry these are now Out of Stock, please see our other gorgeous toddler towels

  • contains bamboo fibre and cotton - silky soft, 60% more absorbent than just cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality
  • cosy hood - superabsorbent bamboo to dry hair and keep warmth in
  • from walking age to 3 years
  • sensibly big - tons of fabric to wrap them right up
  • super fluffy and warm - keep your little one cosy and snug
  • a minimum donation of £1 will be made to the WWF for every one sold - to protect endagered snow leopards


A rare sighting of this beautiful endangered species could be coming to your bathroom soon! Beautiful snow leopard print is not only super fashionable for your little one, but will also help protect these beautiful creatures, as Cuddledry will donate a minimum of £1 for every one of these gorgeous towels to the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature).

Little ones love the cute little leopard print ears, and the fun they can have sneaking about like a little cat after the bath. And you’re going to love seeing them have so much fun, and how big, soft and warm it is, keeping them warm as they leave the waterhole (your bathroom) to to curl up cosy and snug in their bedroom.

Buy one for the little snow leopard in your family - or buy it as a wonderful treat for someone you know - and help save the snow leopard at the same time.

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