It really makes bathtime so safe and easy
Kirstie Allsopp, TV property expert


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  • perfect little towel for teaching little ones about hand washing at toilet or potty training time
  • contains bamboo with its natural antibacterial qualities
  • beautiful box and cute 'handprint' embroidery - makes a perfect gift to encourage your child with washing hands
  • very high quality, supersoft cotton edging, and hanging loop


For little people learning to wash their hands after potty or toilet time - a special little towel just for them, made with supersoft, antibacterial bamboo fibre and pure cotton.  Embroidered with a tiny handprint design, and with hanging loop so it can have its own special place, this cute little towel helps teach your tiny ones what they need to do.  Perfectly sized for toddlers and little ones to manage, and the bamboo content will keep it silky soft after washing, so ideal even for children with eczema or sensitive skin.  Comes in a lovely gift box so can be given as a gift to your little one as part of the encouragement they need for potty or toilet training.  'My very own' hand towel - also ideal for taking to childminder or when travelling.

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